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A young black preacher from Malawi holding handfulls of the book Emojis and the Gospel of John

The Bible,
And you.

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The Emoji Bible Project

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"Why Emojis? Because we can learn more when we are connected to the EMOTIONS behind the text!"

John Stahl

Pastor John Stahl author of The Emoji Bible Project


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The story of God’s love for His children. Many of us know that we should be reading, studying, and sharing it with each other more but actually doing that?

It can be difficult.

But, what if there was a simple book that was just a part of the Bible? What if that book could help you study the Bible piece by piece without making it feel like you’re studying?

How would we do that?

The answer? EMOJIs.

Think about it, we’ve been using EMOJIs to attach feelings to things for a long time! That is what this project is all about. We call it the EMOJI Bible. While we may not always see it, the Bible is deeply emotional. By showing these verses next to EMOJIs, we can get a better sense of the feelings contained within, including the writer, the people in the story, the reader, and even God!

The best part is that this is a book for all ages. So, if you’re interested in being able to better understand and relate to Scripture in a way that makes sharing it easier, we encourage you to check out the EMOJI Bible, starting here with the Gospel of John.

The Bible
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