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AM I the Author? (Part 3)

"Whether we realize it or not...we are in the midst of a novel."

“Once upon a time…”

Think about these three events in our lives:

• You are born.

• You live.

• You die.

Now, before you think, “Wow, that is kind of harsh”, think about this:Two of these we have no control over. One we do. And, that is the one that lasts the longest. How has the story unfolded to date?

My latest chapter has been a blur. It seems as though time flies faster and faster the older I get. Maybe it’s because we have more responsibility. Or, maybe it is because we don’t set boundaries. Or, maybe it is because of a combination of both…and more.

Think about this, though. If we are truly going to allow Jesus to be the author of our lives, do we want Jesus writing about how much we work? Or how much we make? Or how many different directions we go in spinning our wheels?Look at what Matthew wrote and shares with us from the words of Jesus: Therefore do not worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will worry about itself. Each day has enough trouble of its own.

I want him to write about things that have meaning: time with my wife and kids spent hanging out and having fun; time with friends that we are lifting each other up and enjoying one another; time spent with the Lord and enjoying His presence, and counting the blessings he has given.

What do you want Jesus to write about? Are you allowing him to? Or are we stuck in neutral and the story is the same, but the day is different, with no adventure, no excitement, no presence of Jesus?

Think about that.

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