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Impress Me (Part 2)

I wonder who even said that. I mean who said it FIRST? I read that it was Oscar Wilde, who was a playwright. Then I read it was Will Rogers, who was a humorist. And, I also saw Mark Twain got credit.

I am going to use all three in my comparisons over the next few posts.

Oscar Wilde was a playwright. That means he wrote plays. It made me wonder why it is not spelled ‘play-write’? It was because the word ‘wright’ came from being a crafter or a builder. In other words, they were masters at their crafts.

That was the first impression I got when I thought of God. He was the master craftsman in the place we live. He knew to separate the light from the dark, the space from the hard matter, the land from the sea, etc. He knew HOW to do it all and then he did it. He was (and is) the Creator.

He was (and is) the All-wright.

To some, though he was (and is) just alright.

Let me ask you this, and be honest. When was the last time you:

• Watched the sunrise and thanked God for the day?

• Watched a sunset and marveled at God’s beauty?

• Sat under the stars and were in awe of God’s glory?

When was the last time you were truly impressed by God – and gave him credit?

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